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Nighty night.

Are you feeling sleepy yet?

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Living dangerously.

Yeah baby, I am rock and roll.
living dangerously

Lazy bones.

Have sun, will worship…

Rainbows and vampires.

Good luck with that one Gruff, I’ll be seeing you at two am again then?
Rainbows and vampires



Cat pillow.

not alone

All day long.

Some days it’s not worth getting up at all.
all day long

Falling asleep at the same time as your children.

It’s Friday night! Now where’s the party?
asleep on the job

Where has my cot gone?

Well it decided it was getting too small for you and thought it would be nice to go on holday for a bit.
The bed looks nice though…

Out for the Count.

Droopy as a ragdoll, fast asleep and it’s only four o’clock in the afternoon.
Ah well, busy bees need to rest sometimes too.

At last…

..I’ve had some.


It’s been a very hard week. Gruff has been ill and teething which has resulted in me not getting much sleep. Things seem much harder when you’re tired.

I’ve seen a tooth appear in his gum this morning so hopefully the end is in sight, we shall see.

Late night discord.

I don’t think this needs any words, apart from yes I am a grumpy cow, especially when sleep deprived.

What’s sleep?

Gruff isn’t a brilliant sleeper. He’s waking a lot at the moment.

Maybe more teeth on the way?

He just comes in and we manage to get a little sleep that way.

Nighty Night…..zzzzzzzzzzz

What’s sleep?

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