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Schools out for snow (shame)

Bread of heaven.

Stupidly cold here at the moment. We have Siberian winds and snow heralding our St David’s day and first day of spring with a wind chill factor of minus seven.
The hens’ water is freezing so my axe is coming in handy although once the water is frozen solid I’ll switch to plastic tubs as you can top them up throughout the day.
The entire infrastructure of the country has ground to a halt and the Welsh have come out in force to panic buy entire stocks of sliced white bread to live off. The shelves are bare in our local shops.
If you have a loaf of white bread, you will survive the storm, maybe the stuff mops up snow or something. It’s a very bizarre tradition but it keeps us Welsh secure knowing we have our trusty loaf by our side.
The roads are quiet and all the schools have shut early. We’re waiting for the worse of the weather to come in tonight.
Grab your loaf and stay warm.
first day of spring

That snowy feeling…

…you know, that feeling you get when you finish school for the day and you find out it’s snowing.
that snowy feeling

Snow business.

Anyone would think it was winter.
its snowing

Wrap up warm.

Apparently it’s all about layers.
Sorry Gruff I’ll try a few less tomorrow so you can at least walk to school and move your arms…
wrap up warm

It’s snowing!

It’s snowing not raining!
Everything has ground to a great big halt as there is no bread or milk left to panic buy.
No work, no school.
Nothing better to do than to make mega snowballs in the park all afternoon. (which is looking lovely with it’s blanket of white instead of it’s normal covering of mud and scrambler bikes).

Blaer mae car?

Too much snow now, Ive broken my broom sweeping the stuff off the car….

Snow business and all that…

There’s a lot of snow around at the moment and its making things a bit tricky to do the everyday stuff. My poor hens won’t venture outside at all.

Not forgetting the wild birds too, Arnie thinks Christmas has come early…

I’ve got to go snow shopping….

Really now, I have to go out, we’ve run out of milk….what’s that? Oh yes it is very very deep with snow outside…oh I’ll be fine…yes won’t be long…

This is my reaction to finding the car park empty and full of new snow…

It’s not sticking…


“Its going to snow”, says the news reader on the telly.
Panic buy every last loaf of bread and pint of milk from the shops.
Rush home and clog up the roads before the snow comes.
Barge everyone out of the way, lock your doors, the snow is coming.
Buy enough food to outlive a nuclear winter.
Dress your children in five layers of clothes.
Dress your babies in suits that could float the Atlantic.


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