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Cloth mountains.

I hate socks right now. Who invented socks? Please show yourself and pair all these please.

That is all.

The sock monster is real.

Frannie does a great job of cutting down on my sock pairing.

Sock mountain.

Pair those socks for me Arnie, just a few to be getting on with.
sock mountain

One sock Evie.

Evie’s latest enjoyable pastime is misplacing one sock somewhere around the house and spending the rest of the day with one bare foot waving defiantly at me.

Can you hear my teeth grinding from here?

The sock monster is having a whale of a time in our house at the moment, I may need to go under the sofa at some point and retrieve them off him. (Yes our sock monster is male).

one sock evie




Sock it to ’em.

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