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Nature lesson.

Come look.

Look what we’ve found.

It’s not very big.

Just stick a twig in by that sticky bit of web between the wood.

Mum what did you just say?



Cross my path with spiders…

cross my path with spiders

Spider in our midst…

spider stalker


This is the month of spiders. There is a lot of them around this year, big ones too.
Very big ones…
I don’t mind them myself but my kids don’t seem too fond, (nor is Myles come to think of it).

Boy meets spider.

Gruff’s not a huge arachnid fan.
aaah spider

Spider Alley.

Spider Alley, the place only the bravest children dare enter.

Brave the sticky webs and wrapped bundles of mummified bugs, spun and wrapped, ready to stick in your hair.

Run, run, run!

Make your own Bider!

A little project for Halloween, make your own spiders, sorry….biders….


Tis the season for them…

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