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Super squirrel.

Yes the squirrel who decided to play dead on our bedroom windowsill from morning until evening. Who, after some coaching with a strategically placed fishing net, flew down the sheer face of our house and bounded off at full speed along our road, (narrowly avoiding a few cars and a gang of teenagers), before diving into some bushes.
What a rodent.
squirrel vertigo


A Garden Visitor.

Hang on a minute, isn’t that the dog’s job?
And no we are not keeping it as a pet.

Crouching Squirrel, Hidden Dog.

It’s squirrel mayhem here at the moment and our new Dog, Bonnie is finding them irresistible.

Bonnie, may I have my thumb back please?

Yes it’s on the end of the lead you took with you half way up a tree.

Squirrel tree

THERE for art thou squirrel!!!!!Deny thy nut and refuse thy tree: or if thou will not, be sworn my friend!

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