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Bread of heaven.

Stupidly cold here at the moment. We have Siberian winds and snow heralding our St David’s day and first day of spring with a wind chill factor of minus seven.
The hens’ water is freezing so my axe is coming in handy although once the water is frozen solid I’ll switch to plastic tubs as you can top them up throughout the day.
The entire infrastructure of the country has ground to a halt and the Welsh have come out in force to panic buy entire stocks of sliced white bread to live off. The shelves are bare in our local shops.
If you have a loaf of white bread, you will survive the storm, maybe the stuff mops up snow or something. It’s a very bizarre tradition but it keeps us Welsh secure knowing we have our trusty loaf by our side.
The roads are quiet and all the schools have shut early. We’re waiting for the worse of the weather to come in tonight.
Grab your loaf and stay warm.
first day of spring

St David’s Day.

Which means most of today was spent waving daffodils, eating welshcakes and definitely singing. Wales may be a small country but we do our national day proud.
Happy St David’s day.

St Davids day 2016

Happy St David’s Day.

The kids have compiled our list of the best things about Wales. Can’t fault them!
st davids day 2015

We’re Welsh did you know that?

It’s St David’s day here in Wales and that means celebrating everything fabulous about being Welsh, including sheep, Joe’s ice cream and Welsh cakes.
Rugby shirt for Millie this year, (she’s moving on from the Welsh costume to something a little more to her taste).
Evie, full blown Welsh ensemble with plaited bunches, ribbons and bows, ( I am not overcompensating for Millie honestly…).
Gruff, Welsh rugby shirt and a wopping big smile.
And guess what? The sun shone too!
st davids day 2014

If no one says anything, no one has to get hurt.

Oh the pain of being the only girl in full Welsh costume in your class on St David’s day.
Rugby shirt next year Millie?
stdavidsday shame

St David’s Day.

On with the national costumes….and try and smile for my album please…

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