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Sun’s out.

sunshine dog

Hit the decks.

If you can put the deck chair up yourself you can sit in it….well that one backfired didn’t it?


Sun burnt.

I took the kids camping for the weekend and unfortunately, we all got sunburnt. I did use sun cream but the sun was unusually strong for Wales yesterday.



Summer art school.

Lesson one: Paint on what you see.
summer art school

Summer hat.

I may have squealed just too loudly in t he shop when I saw this hat today…
leopard hat


We discovered lots of jellyfish washed up on Three Cliff’s Beach today.
Bonnie thought they were things to be played with and the girls thought they were great.
Gruff is still coming round to the idea of holding one.


How can you persuade a dripping, golden yeti off your picnic blanket?
You can’t, he is in love with your dog and no amount of sandy food will come between them.
Towel anyone?
golden yeti

I don’t want to play any more.

i dont want to p lay

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