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After the swimming lesson.


Under water.

Holding your breath under water is fun, once you get over the fear!

In at the deep end.

I’ve decided to book some swimming lessons for Evie and Gruff together.

In at the deep end

Little Fish.

She’s still hoping Rebecca Adlington is going to take over from me with her swimming lessons.
Dream on little fish.

Rebecca Adlington…

…is apparently going to teach Evie to swim. I am not enough any more.
I think she’s seen enough of the Olympics for one day.

After the Horror…

…comes the shame of wearing your nine year old’s daughter’s swimming costume.
Just thankful it was a stretchy one…

The Moment of Horror.

Is when you realise that you’ve brought your nine year old daughter’s swimming costume with you to the pool instead of your own and you daren’t disaapoint your excited four year old (who can’t wait to go swimming)…

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