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Little chocolate eggs with a toy inside…

Oh god, I’ve spent half an hour trying to assemble a little plastic car complete with little plastic stickers to induce this screaming meltdown of disappointed five year old.
i dont want this one

A Hard Day’s Rant.

Gruff has taken it upon himself today to protest at every opportunity if something doesn’t go his way.

We’ve had screaming all the way to school this morning, (to drop his sisters off) and screaming all the way back again.

Screaming at the choice of dinner and screaming at the choice of pants to wear.

I’m hoping he’s worn his vocal chords out a little so tomorrow is a bit quieter.


After the tantrum…

…comes the making up…well some of the time!

The tantrum that lasted all day.

Enough said about that.

The Tantrum.

I believe this particular tantrum began over the fact that I had no sweeties in the car on the way to the shops.

Everyone was then treated to a very public display of screaming and wailing right the way round.

I’m please to report the tantrum finally ended with a plate of pork pie, bread and butter, tomatoes and olives.

I don’t think I bought anything that I went in there for….

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