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The toys have eyes.

the toys have eyes

Lego invention. No 1.

I give you, “tower on wheels”.
Please can no body touch it or Gruff will have a meltdown and I’ll have to rebuild it….again…
lego inventions

Toy collector.


Teddy bears’ picnic.

Only one of you can make it.
a hard choice

Frisbee fun.

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Watch out for the doggy asteroids…


I fear by time Evie has grown up, I may be long buried under a mountain of them…

Where’s Wo wo?

It’s bedtime and we’re missing someone, someone very important.
He may be scruffy, a little worn around the ears but he really can’t get to sleep without him.
Have you seen him?


Teeny, Tiny, Tiger Toy.

Old Soldier.

The scruffiest, battered toys are always the most loved.

Teddy Take-Over.

Teddy bears picnincs are in vogue in our house at the moment, they never need much of an excuse to create a teddy avalanche down the stairs!

There were ten in the bed…

…well actually more, but Evie doesn’t mind.

What Lies Beneath.

Things that I have found under my pillow tonight;
Assorted teddy bears, toy dogs, dolls and a cash register.
Thank you Evie.

The Toy Box.

Our toy box is never full as most of it’s contents get carpet-bombed over the floor throughout the day.

Soldier Boy…

…complete with his ever faithful companion,”Wo wo” (That’s his name….keep up….).
Don’t mess with the dog, he’s very protective of his owner.

Gruff’s Army.

Lots of them, teeny, tiny little men. Gladiators, soldiers, Infantry, Horses, Normans, Vikings and Roman Centurions.

They cover the carpet and prepare for the onslaught.


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